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There are many things to think about when purchasing a safe. Possibly the most important is what you want to store in the secure container, and what you want to protect it from. In most cases, the items inside will be important documents, valuables or weapons. It is important to protect the items from fire and burglars. This is an integral part of purchasing a safe. Ensure that the safe you are looking at is certified for at least 30-60 minutes for either fire and/or burglary.

The main locking mechanisms for safes are currently an electronic lock, a single dial combination lock, or a key. Consider buying a safe that has a backup (e.g. electronic keypad with a hidden keyhole), in case you forget the combination. If using an electronic lock, it is important to change them regularly,  It is also a bad idea to keep the backup keys inside the safe, because if the combination is lost, the keys are stuck inside.


When looking for a safe, it is important to look for a trusted brand. Buying a cheap safe is often a bad choice. Buying from trusted companies such as Yale or Chubb may be more expensive, but the end product is vastly more secure than a cheaper product. Make sure to purchase a safe that is able to be bolted to the ground or to a wall. This adds a degree of protection by preventing the whole container from being stolen.

A good safe that offers protection in a small form factor is the Urban 1D by Platinum Safes.  It is rated to $10,000 (cash ratings are discussed later) and has a fire rating of 30 minutes. The safe has a 20mm thick body and a 10mm thick door. The door has 4 locking bolts, as well as a relocker. The safe is strong and durable. It can be used for personal or small commercial safety. The safe can be bought with either a digital combination lock, mechanical combination lock, or a key locking system. For more information about this safe, click the image below.

Get a safe like this for $869 and keep your wealth safe.

The Platinum Urban 1D Safe

Security Measures

Pay attention to the extra security measures that the safe has. Redundant security measures like glass relockers (which fire secondary bolts if the front of the safe is drilled into) can add to the time it takes to break in to the safe. Another way to protect the safe is to hide it from sight. This could mean putting it in a cupboard, or building a wall cavity for it. These features, as well as the strength of the walls and door add to the cash rating of the safe. Cash rating is an indication of the level of security of a safe and the highest amount of money that should be kept in it. This rating is calculated by the quality, the locking mechanisms, and the construction materials, among other things. Insurance agencies will insure the valuables inside the safe up to the amount of the cash rating. Some agencies may be more lenient than others. It is important to notify the agency of what you will be storing in the safe so that the insurance value can be arranged.

If you would like more information on buying a safe, call us for a quote on 1300 366 277, or visit our sister site at Corporate Locksmiths