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Is Your Safe Safe?

Is the cheapest always best?

When buying a safe for your home or office, it can be tempting to go for the budget end of the spectrum. This may not be such a good idea in the long run. Many of the safes that come at a lower price point may not be as secure as you might think. In many cases, the safe will be made out of light metal sheets, as opposed to solid steel. This makes the safe much more susceptible to brute force attacks with drills or grinders. The locking bolts and locks on these kinds of safes are also much easier to break into. Often the bolts do not exert pressure along the whole width of the bolt, rather opting for an easier solenoid system that can be less secure.

These cheaper safes are designed mainly as a deterrent, especially for children or prying eyes. Anyone with the proper equipment will not have a problem getting into one of these safes.

When selecting a safe, it pays to choose a trusted brand. CMI, Diplomat, Lockwood, Chubb & Yale all make strong safes for homes and businesses. They are all made of strong, durable materials and are able to withstand much more than a cheap safe. They do however come at a higher cost, but if the items you want to keep inside are valuable, a more secure safe is worth it.

When installing the safe, be it cheaper or more expensive, make sure to bolt it to the wall or floor. This means that a thief cannot take the safe with them and work on cracking it open elsewhere. Cheaper safes have their place, but mainly just as a deterrent, so if you have valuable items, it makes sense to put them in a secure safe, particularly one that is able to be insured.

Buying a quality safe will cost more in the near future, but having a strong, firmly bolted down safe that is insured will keep your valuables more secure than a much cheaper, budget safe.

For more information on finding the right safe, visit our home page at Safes Online, or call us on 1300 366 277 for a quote.